Live a life full of love, laughter, passion, curiosity, and joy.

Providing Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching

Empowering Emotions and Behaviors

Providing Scientifically Researched Coaching and Workshops


Wellness Workshops

Customizable HeartMath® workshops to fit your group or organization’s needs.

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Health & Wellness Coaching

This is your opportunity to get a customized road map to your own healing. Understand what is depleting and draining you of your vital life force. Choose which coaching option is best for you. 

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Healing Sessions

Reiki, (IET) Integrated Energy Therapy, and (EFT) Emotional Freedom Technique session available.

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Improving Your Emotional Health Through a Scientific Program


Learn to Live from Your Heart

We live so much of our life encumbered by stress and focused on the things that do not bring us happiness. When you learn to live from your heart, you are directly connected to the deep inner knowing that allows you the freedom to follow a path in life that brings personal and spiritual freedom. It’s time to be courageous and allow your soul to live a life that is a conscious collaboration with spirit. 


Living from the heart empowers the individual to self-regulate their emotions and behaviors thereby reducing stress, increasing resilience, and finding balance regardless of what is going on in the external environment.


No longer give your energy and power away to things that diminish or deplete you. Be willing to open up and expand to the greatest possible version of yourself and let your heart surprise you.

Live a life full of love, laughter, passion, curiosity, and joy.

What is HeartMath®

HeartMath® is a system of practical, scientifically based techniques and technologies that bridge the physiological and intuitive connection between the heart and mind. This system empowers people to self-regulate their emotions and behaviors to reduce stress, increase resilience, and unlock their natural intuitive guidance.

HeartMath® is based on over 25 years of scientific research conducted at the HeartMath® Institute on the psychophysiology of stress, emotions, and the interactions between the heart and brain. There are over 300 peer-reviewed or independent studies utilizing HeartMath® techniques or technologies to achieve beneficial outcomes that have been published.


HeartMath® Technology

HeartMath® technology is an innovative approach to improving emotional wellbeing. Learn to change your heart rhythm pattern to create physiological coherence; a scientifically measurable state characterized by increased order and harmony in our mind, emotions, and body.

HeartMath® research has demonstrated that different patterns of heart activity, which are influenced by our emotional state, have distinct effects on cognitive and emotional function in our daily life. During stress and negative emotions, when the heart rhythm pattern is erratic and disordered, the corresponding pattern of neural signals traveling from the heart to the brain inhibits higher cognitive functions. This limits our ability to think clearly, remember, learn, reason, and make effective decisions. The HeartMath® techniques teach how to become more resilient and bounce back after a challenging situation.

HeartMath® Training

Studies conducted with over 11,500* people have shown improvements in mental & emotional well-being in just 6-9 weeks using HeartMath® training and technology:


24% improvement in the ability to focus

30% improvement in sleep

38% improvement in calmness

46% drop in anxiety


*N=11,903 percent of individuals responding often to always on normed and validated pre and post Personal and Organizational Quality Assessment (POQA-R)